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The Home Depot
6685 S Westnedge Ave
Portage, MI
Mon-Sat: 6:00am-10:00pm
Sun: 8:00am-8:00pm

L. Hoekstra True Value Hardware
(269) 345-1135
621 Portage St
Kalamazoo, MI
(269) 345-2110
5125 West Main Street
Kalamazoo, MI
M-SA 7 am - 10 pm
SU 8 am - 8 pm

269 345-2110
Kalamazoo, MI
Fastenal- Kalamazoo
6475 Technology Ave, Suite E Kalamazoo, MI, 49009
Kalamazoo, MI
The Home Depot
1227 M89
Plainwell, MI
Mon-Sat: 7:00am-9:00pm
Sun: 8:00am-7:00pm

Gales True Value
(269) 342-8111
2825 Stadium Drive
Kalamazoo, MI
V & V Lumber Supplies Inc
(269) 375-7803
4221 South 9th Street
Kalamazoo, MI
Texas Corners Ace Hardware
(269) 376-2000
7129 W Q Ave
Kalamazoo, MI
Nelson Hardware Of Portage
(269) 327-3583
9029 Portage Road
Portage, MI

Carving 101

Please welcome guest blogger, Kari Hultman from The Village Carpenter . Kari’s attention to detail and humble personality make her blog one of the best on the web! She was kind enough to give us the scoop on carving. I hope you enjoy.

There are several types of wood carving: letter, chip, and relief carving; and carving in the round. Carving tools include knives, chisels, gouges, and mallets. For carving in the round, rasps and files are helpful. Gouges come in many shapes and are gauged by their width and sweep (the amount of curve on the cutting edge). Included in the mix are straight, bent, fishtail, in-cannel (the bevel is on the inside rather than the outside), spoonbit, and V-gouges. Many are also available with short or long handles.

Which Tools To Buy

Like any new woodworking venture, it can be a little daunting to know where to start. Several woodworkers have emailed me with questions about which tools they need to carve wood. They ask if it’s best to invest in a set of carving tools. My response is always the same: find a project you like—from a book or magazine—and purchase the tools you need to carve it. Publications will often provide you with a checklist of tools for the project. Chances are you’ll use those tools again because you used them to carve a project you like. Whereas, when you buy a set, there will be one or more tools you will never use.

Now, what type of carving would you like to try?

Chip Carving

Chip carving is the easiest. You need only two tools—a primary knife and a stab knife. Chip carving consists of three basic, rather shallow cuts. Once you master them, you need only arrange them to create your own designs.

Letter Carving

Letter carving can be complex or easy. You can use a large variety of chisels and gouges which match every conceivable shape you need. Or, you can simply use a chip carving knife. With chip carving, however, you will be limited by the type of wood (certain hardwoods can very difficult) and the size of the letters. Instead, use a different technique which requires only one chisel and one shallow-sweep gouge. The size of the tools depends on the size of the letters. With this technique I can carve just about any type of wood and any size or shape letter.

Relief Carving

Relief carving is where you start getting into some money. I do not have a huge variety of gouges, and try to make do with what I have. As you begin to carve, you will realize what you’re missing from your collection. Keep in mind, just as you don’t need to have chisels ranging from 1/16” to 2 1/2” and everything in between, you can often get by with less.

Carving in the Round

Carving in the round is like relief carving only the project is carved on all sides, as with a ball-and-claw foot (the image to the left is borrowed from the internet). Rasps can remove lots of wood in short order, and files refine the shape. There is nothing quite as luminous as the smooth facets left by a ch...

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