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Local resource for Wood Working Tools in Sioux Falls. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to woodworking, woodworking hardware, woodworking tools, woodworking finishing, wood, woodworking plans, tools, as well as advice and content on the tools you will need for the job you are doing and websites, manufacturers and stores you will be able to find them at.

Home Depot #4301
(605) 361-7439
2523 S Louise Ave
Sioux Falls, SD
Robson True Value Hardware
(605) 338-2361
2322 W 12th St
Sioux Falls, SD
Nyberg's Ace Hardware
(605) 336-6507
2500 W 12Th Street
Sioux Falls, SD
Fastenal- Sioux Falls
824 E 50th St N Sioux Falls, SD, 57104
Sioux Falls, SD
Lewis Drug True Value
(605) 367-2800
2700 West 12th St
Sioux Falls, SD
The Home Depot
2523 S Louise Ave
Sioux Falls, SD
Mon-Sat: 6:00am-9:00pm
Sun: 8:00am-8:00pm

(605) 336-3670
1701 W 12th St Sioux Falls, SD, 57104
Sioux Falls, SD
Goodin Company
(605) 332-3444
2905 North 4th Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD
Ferguson Enterprises
(605) 332-6401
2222 E 52nd St N
Sioux Falls, SD
Nyberg Ace Hardware
(605) 336-6474
330 W 41st Street
Sioux Falls, SD

61- IWF 2008

Although for me, IWF was about representing my sponsors and meeting up with readers/viewers, nearly everyone else has one thing on their mind: tools. So we did our best to get some footage of the most talked about tools of the show. I know we missed quite a few (specifically, Jet’s new oscillating drum sander). But with our tight schedule and impending exhaustion, we did the best we could. Nothing fancy, nothing funny, just tools!...

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Power Tools For A Hand Tool Shop

Josh, an experienced hand tool guy wants a recommendation for a good “first power tool”.

I am new to The Guild , but looking forward to the upcoming builds. I am a hand tool guy and have everything I need to complete a project with hand tools. However, after attending classes at Kelly Mehler’s , I see how machines can really help (dimensioning stock). I am beginning to look at a more blended approach. I was wondering what you might recommend. I often hear a bandsaw referred to as the Neanderthal’s Apprentice and was thinking that it might make a good first power tool. I don’t have 220v if that makes a difference. Also are there any other tools that I should be considering?

Hey Josh. A bandsaw is indeed a great tool to have in the shop. But its hard for me to say if this is the right “first tool” for you without more information. When considering which power tools to add to your arsenal, I recommend looking for the one that will open the most doors for you. In other words, the best multi-tasker for the type of work you do. As you can imagine, your woodworking style, focus, habits, and tastes will all play a role in dictating the direction you need to go. But I can give you a few things to consider based on my personal opinions and experience with power tools. Here are some of the tools I think you might want to consider:

The Tablesaw – I think its safe to say that the tablesaw would be a “first tool” for many people. You can cut pieces down to size, rip, crosscut, establish a straight edge, and make all kinds of critical joinery with speed and accuracy. In my opinion, it truly is the heart of the workshop.

The Router – Never underestimate the versatility of a router. It will open up a whole world of edge treatments and joinery. Coupled with a flush trim bit/pattern bit, you have an incredibly powerful duplication tool. Furthermore, you can use the router for various flattening and jointing operations. Although this tool is second on my list, I don’t think I would want to work in a shop without one!

The Bandsaw - If you are looking to cut curves only, then you might be able to get away with the much cheaper jigsaw. But if you plan on resawing stock, a bandsaw is the logical way to go. You also might consider that the bandsaw is only part of the resawing equation. Your stock should be at least partially milled flat and square before resawing, and you’...

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Shop Tour, Shop Setup and Tool Recommendations

In this video, I give a full tour of my shop space and show you what I feel are the essential tools for small and large workshops. I also discuss topics like tool prices, shop setup, and tool selection. You will also get an inside look at how my days typically start. Enjoy!!!

Update (8/27/10): Seeing the old shop is really surreal. Its amazing how many changes took place in that space over the course of the next few years. Organization, tooling, lighting….these were all eventually overhauled. And now, of course, we are in a totally new space. The coolest thing about this video is that it really marks the start of what I consider to be the “Wood Whisperer-style”. That is, a woodworking show that sheds the stuffiness and isn’t afraid to make fun of itself. I imagine many folks who watched this video were either immediately attracted to, or completely appalled by what we were doing. Education and entertainment for the modern woodworker. That’s what its all about. And while TheWoodWhisperer.com has grown significantly since then, we are still the same goofy fun-loving people we always were. Grass roots to the core! Although this video was probably only seen by a couple hundred people when it was released, it has been viewed over 100,000 times since then. That’s just mind boggling. It was also pretty cool to see my poker chip trays in this video. That arti...

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